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The world is becoming digitalized and with every new day, great developers are announcing their inventions. Likewise in the field of online games, many new games are taking the place however, Free Fire is the best action game. The Team DHX Mod is here to construct your confidence to play FF in a professional way.

Furthermore, as we know that FF battles are enjoyable and full of enthusiasm. Similarly, the game is challenging too, many curios levels and game rounds are included in it that give it a unique look. Moreover, the people are constantly in search of the mod that brings positive changes in the game.

In addition, in the game mostly the problems are faced by beginners because their competitors are usually pro players. Moreover, the pro players are having the experience to play many games and they know the tricks to defeat the opponent in seconds. In fact, the fresh players lose the game in just the first trials of the game.

Similarly, the new players are very keen to know about the mod that will really help them out. Moreover, in the FF battle, you have limited coins and other skills such as skins, weapons, and lives. Indeed once you used them you have to pay heavy money to get them back and this is not possible.

Finally, there is one mod that will provide premium features for free and that is the Team DHX Mod. So try this mod and check the results.

What is Team DHX Mod?

This is the best ever mod for all the Free Fire players who can use the mod to uplift their performance in the game. Moreover, the mod is brimful of the fantastic features that will boost up your playing skills in the battle. In fact, the FF players should get ready to thrash all the opponents even pro players in some clicks. The same features are also available in Gringo XP as well.

Furthermore, many players are giving a lot of time to playing online games. Indeed the FF has marked its name on the top of best games by virtue of its tremendous themes and gaming style. Similarly, winning such a famous and ranked game becomes a challenge for the players.

However, this is not a piece of cake, to chase the target and conquer the pro players of the game. In ways with the passage of time, the solutions to every problem are emerging. So this mod will do some miracle and turn the games towards you. This app is packed with the latest and modified features that will be proved a game-changer.

In addition, here in this mod, you will be using advanced and fresh Aimbot, Auto Headshot and ESP, and extra. Moreover, some additional features are added to the mod for instance fly car, Teleport+, and Menus. In fact, use this mod without any fear by virtue of it being highly Anti-ban and it will never expose your data.

Similarly, don’t feel hesitation while using the mod because this is perfectly designed in a safe environment. This mod is supporting each type of android device so use any kind of android phone. Moreover, don’t be late to run the mod go fast and download the outstanding mod.

Main Features of the Team DHX Mod

Here in this portion, we are going to share some fascinating features of the mod. Moreover, these features are enough to satisfy you and compel you to get the mod on your device.

Let’s perceive the features without wasting more time.


The Aimbot is considered as the brain of the mod and by this, you get that how much the Aimbot is important. Moreover, to play like a pro player is not a cup of tea, you need to do hard work to reach the point to beat others.  

However, the Aimbot will make you the pro player in just seconds just apply the feature and check your aiming skills. Here are some more Aimbots you get in the mod.

  • Fire Aimbot
  • Automatic Aimbot
  • Aimbot of scope
  • The crouch Aimbot
  • Spotting Aim

ESP Menu

Here in the mod, you will get an advantage by applying unique ESP in the FF game and producing good results. Moreover, the ESPs are playing a very significant role in the game by this you can catch the enemy in a simple way. You can use a variety of similar features in the game and become a pro player.

  • ESP of Fire
  • Distance ESP
  • ESP unique Color
  • Box ESP
  • ESP of Line
  • ID ESP
  •  ESP Skeleton

 Auto Headshot

The most useful feature is the automatic headshot. Many players are demanding this feature and this mod is brought the fabulous feature to you. Moreover, by using this feature your shooting skill will boost up and you can kill more enemies as you can. By this, you can be called a most enemy killer player.


Many players are using such wonderful mod to improve their gaming strategy and they are a little bit worried also. So be cool take a long breath because this mod is 100% safe and secure to use. This mod will never harm you in any aspect so just download the mod and entertain yourself.

Additional Features

  • Teleport +
  • Menu Plus
  • Tele kill
  • Flying Hack
  • Less sensitivity
  • Friendly interface
  • No third-party Ads
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to download
  • Free of cost
  • Bug free
  • Safeguarded
  • Unlocked cheats
  • Appealing backgrounds
  • Background Music

How to download and install the Team DHX Mod on an android device?

  1. Firstly, click on the downloading link of the mod that is mentioned in our site.
  2. After that open the privacy app and ENABLE all the unknown sources to reach your android device.
  3. Secondly, open the file manager and choose the downloaded file of the mod and click on it to install.
  4. Thirdly, after taping on the installation button wait for minutes until the process gets complete.
  5. Once the installation complete try to open the notifications that are shown on the screen of your device.
  6. Fourthly, just enter the data to finish the login process.
  7. Congratulation! The Team DHX Mod menu is successful installed so enjoy the game in better way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is important to get permission from android devices to use any mod?

This is very important to get permission to run any app or mod on the device. Basically, the device manager always threatens the external app to get in the device. Moreover, if you request the device then it will allow the specific mod to work in the device.

Where you can get the latest version of the Team DHX Mod?

This is very simple to get the advanced version. Just open our website and check the mod and download the latest version. Our website is publishing safe and secure apps and mod so if you are willing to get another app then you must visit our site.

Is this mod is safe to use on a personal Android device?

Yes, it this safe and secure to use the mod on your personal device. This mod will never leak any kind of your information so be cool while using the mod

Is the mod containing any virus?

No, this is 100% free of every virus and external bug. Moreover, it shows any bug then it fixes it automatically.

How to fix the login problem?

If you face any login problem then close the mod and restart it. After that again enter the password and username then try this time it will work. Moreover, if not work then change your VPN then try.


The FF game is successful to steal the hearts of people. Everyone is curious to play the game in a perfect way and get to the destination. However, the challenges are there in form of pro players and hard levels. Don’t worry Team DHX Mod is here to change your gaming life by providing premium features. So this is a great opportunity to grab the game and gain positives comments.